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Come and explore the mysterious and fascinating world of the paranormal with Stan Mallow, host of the popular TV series, “The Paranormal Show”. Let Stan be your guide to everything paranormal in Niagara Falls and beyond. Topics covered include The Unexplained, Ghosts, Hauntings, Aliens, UFOs, Angels, Past Lives, Animal Communication, Alternative Healing, Crystal Skulls, Auras, Feng Shui, Psychic Phenomena, Paranormal Events and more. He also has gifted Authors, Intuitive Readers, Mediums, Seers, Clairvoyants and Paranormal Investigators as guests.
The Paranormal Show
Channel 10/14 - HD 700
The Paranormal Show is aired live from the COGECOTV studios in Niagara Falls Canada every Wednesday from September to June. Host Stan Mallow always has an interesting guest for you who is tops in their field. And, you will have the opportunity to phone in and speak with his guests.
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 7pm to 8pm
Stan’s guest on The Paranormal Show will be
Psychic Medium Susan Carter.
You can call during the show to talk with Stan’s guest by dialing

You can also click on the Question for Guest button on the upper left hand side of this page at any time, fill in your question, and press the "submit" button.
Weekly Broadcast Area
The Paranormal Show is carried throughout the vast Niagara Peninsula. It also gets a large international audience from the many tourists who watch the show from their hotel rooms in Canada's number one tourist destination.
The Paranormal Show (Rebroadcast)
The Paranormal Show is rebroadcasted Saturday from 11pm to 12 midnight.